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Founded by internationally renowned PR agent Oliver Franke, Berlinieros PR is an innovative, modern, multi-strand, PR & communication agency specializing in music, live entertainment, sports, travel, and modern culture.

With clients and PR campaigns that cover all aspects of the entire entertainment industry, Berlinieros PR’s successful campaigns and headline clients are too numerous to list but the following small selection says it all…



”Since 2004 we are working with Oliver Franke and BERLINIEROS PR on the NIGHT of the JUMPs series.
They really helped us to developed Freestyle Motocross and the series in Europe with great PR work, ideas and fast forward thinking.  Over many years we are having cool features in press, tv and online. Highly recommended.“

Jörg Hotzel

NIGHT of the JUMPs
”I am working together with Oliver Franke since 25 years now. He was the first, who brought me to Germany for his Loveparade event Lovestern Galaktika. Since that he is doing the Public Relations for DJ Sammy and does great work. I love him, but he has a big mistake!!! He is Bayern Munich fan and I am Real Madrid member hahaha! But in music we understand each other very good.”

DJ Sammy

”We are pleased to work with BERLINEROS PR since 2009. It started with the opening PR of the art’otel cologne and with over 300 combined publications in press, tv, radio and online it generated massive exposure. The team provides great press for our hotels, restaurants and event venues. Forward thinking, spectacular ideas for PR stories and tight contacts in the travel, entertainment, local and art media make them a very valuable partner.“

Jennifer Hövelmann

Regional Marketing Manager DE & HU
Arena Hospitality Group
”It’s a pleasure to work with the BERLINIEROS PR team. They are providing superb press for We Love MMA since the very beginning of the series in 2010. Passion and a huge background knowledge of sports combined with excellent media contacts make them a very valuable partner.“

Marcus Wortmeier

We Love MMA/together promotion GmbH

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an innovative, modern, multi-strand PR & communication agency specializing in music, live entertainment, sports, travel, and modern culture.
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