Founded by internationally renowned PR agent Oliver Franke, Berlinieros PR is an innovative, modern, multi-strand, PR & communication agency specializing in music, live entertainment, sports, travel, and modern culture.

With more than two decades of experience, Oliver Franke has been at the forefront of the PR industry for 25 years, many of his innovative decisions and successes helped push the entertainment PR industry forward into the modern age, and upwards into the multi-billion dollar industry that it has become today.

After earning his stripes at Europe’s largest digital publishing house Axel Springer SE, the ambitious Franke joined Comvent GmbH, during his time at the prestigious publishing conglomerate, it became apparent Franke had a keen musical ear, and was intrinsically attune to evolving musical trends. He encouraged and promoted the debut album of Westbam and Marusha, which is considered by many as one of the pioneering sounds of the modern electronic dance, DJ & techno scene.

Progressing from Comvent GmbH, Franke founded Friends & Sons PR Agency with two other partners, their refreshing outlook and dedicated PR expertise saw them entrusted with headline clients such as the iconic Love Parade Festival in Berlin, while their diverse understanding and innovation lead them to design the interview tour for legendary rock act Rammstein’s debut album. 

Friends and Sons previous clients list speaks for itself, they broke Backstreet Boys in Europe with their first chart-topping single, celebrated Christmas with East 17 in Germany alongside journalists and competition winners, celebrated a record release party with brit pop band Pulp in a London wash saloon alongside journalists and competition winners, hosted film premieres and after-parties for iconic Hollywood movies such as The Beach, Talented Mr. Ripley, Jackie Brown, The Royal Tennenbaums, as well as recreating Ancient Greece inside Berlin’s legendary Metropol Club for Disney’s Hercules.

From 1995 till 2002, Friends & Sons worked in partnership with Universal Music, Sony Music, Jive Records, WEA Records, Logic Records, EastWest, and Motor Music. It was in 2002 that Franke arrived at the decision to leave Friends and Sons, to put in place the foundations for his new agency Berlinieros PR.

With clients and PR campaigns that cover all aspects of the entire entertainment industry, Berlinieros PR’s successful campaigns and headline clients are too numerous to list but the following small selection says it all…

an innovative, modern, multi-strand PR & communication agency specializing in music, live entertainment, sports, travel, and modern culture.
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